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Little Pots for Air Plants

What I’ve been working on!

I have been enjoying making small pots for plants.  I started making them for succulents, but recently switched to air plants — much easier to take to shows with me.

air plants in recycled wool pot Air Plants in Wool pots 3


Wool Dryer Balls

Here’s a pretty picture of the dryer balls that I make.
You can order them in my ETSY shop or make arrangements to pick them up.

Dryer Balls from repurposed wool


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Yarn Con – Intro to making with wool sweaters

Sweater Hoarders

Saturday April 2, 2016 2PM to 2:50PM

You’ve been hoarding sweaters for a while and still haven’t started that first felting project.  Let me show you some of the things that I have made, types of sweaters I use, how I make felt and get you started on your stash.

pile of sweaters

See YarnCon for details and to register.

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Yarn Con Slipper Class – April 2nd


Slipper Class

Saturday April 2, 2016 12PM to 1:50PM

We will be cutting up a felted sweater to hand sew  simple slippers   Each participant will use one sweater to make a one-of-a-kind pair of slippers to fit their foot.

Green & Grey Slippers


See YarnCon for details and to register.


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Destash – Snap tape 144 yards for sale

Snap Tape 144 yards on each spool.
3/4″ width with 1 1/2″ spacing between metal snaps. Black
One spool of female snaps and one spool of male snaps

$50 for both spools plus shipping.

I do not know if the tape is cotton, twill, or synthetic.  Feels like cotton or twill, has a matte finish, not shiny.

Each spool weighs just over 5 pounds, so shipping will be approximately $15 to $40 depending on your location.  Pick up is available.

Please email if you are interested, please include your name, address and paypal email, so that I can send you a paypal invoice with the exact shipping.

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Destash – Sequin Stretch Trim – Silver, Gold, Black, White

This is trim that I purchased from a dance wear manufacturer that went out of business in 2011.  They have been stored on the original spools and not exposed to light.  Today I removed most of them from the spools to calculate the lengths.

To purchase any of the following please email with the items you want, include your name and address, so that I can calculate shipping and send you a paypal invoice.

Shipping will be first class parcel for the smaller packages. The spools will be shipped Priority Mail.

Silver Sequin Stretch Trim

11 yards – $15 plus shipping – 1 available
8 yards  – $10 plus shipping – 1 available

Gold Sequin Stretch Trim

11 yards – $15 plus shipping 1 available

Black Sequin Stretch Trim

13 yards – $18 plus shipping 1 available
6 yards –  $8.00 plus shipping 1 available

White Sequin Stretch Trim  3/4″ wide on spool #1

I don’t know how much yardage is left on the spool but I estimate that about half remains.  Spool originally contained 76 yards and is just under 1″ wide, it seems wider than 3/4 but not quite 1″.

Spool $10 plus shipping. 1 available

White Sequin Stretch Trim .5″ wide on spool #2

I don’t know how much yardage is left on the spool but I estimate that about half remains.  Spool originally contained 56 yards and is 1/2″ wide

Spool $10 plus shipping. 1 available

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The Making of a Mannequin – DIY Photo Shoot

Of all the things that I do as a fiber artist and  independent small business owner, the one that has frustrated me most over the years is taking photos of my work.

Mostly I struggle with lighting and the right props.  My studio has poor lighting in general and not much natural light which is best for photos.   I try to take the photos outside but that is easier with smaller objects than scarves.  Learn how to adjust the white balance in your camera settings.  This can improve your photos a lot!

This year I made a flat mannequin out of a cardboard box.  It works fairly well and I love that I recycled something to make it!


Recently I decided that I wanted to be able to change the color of the mannequin to white or black,  so I purchased some poster board and cut out the same thing but made the body longer, so  that I could use it for longer scarves.    For this shoot I poked a hole in the top of the mannequin so that I could hang it from a ceiling hook in front of a white wall.  I attached the poster board with binder clips, which you can see in the photo.

mannequin set up2

A little editting and here’s the money shot! Not too bad!

Red scarf
You can see some of the results of my lastest photo shoot soon in my Etsy Shop.



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Arm Knitting – Videos

Arm Knitting
Arm Knitting

I can’t seem to stop arm knitting!  It’s quick, easy and so satisfying to use nothing but your arms and some yarn to make something wearable in an hour or so.

I am excited to be teaching a class tomorrow at the Stephenson Country Fiber Fair on the subject.  So I decided to put together a little video on the subject.  This is my first attempt at making this type of video for instruction.

It’s not terrible for a first attempt, but lots of room for improvement.
Have a look  “Arm Knitting Videos.”

I made them as separate videos so that you can watch them when you need them.  I know that when I first started arm knitting, I had to watch several different videos until I found the ones that met my learning needs.  I watched several of them over and over, pausing frequently!
I will be putting together a step by step pictorial here on my blog and on pinterest, so stay tuned!

I went back and watched this video by Handimania and it is good (and pretty!)

Give it a try.

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5 Day Facebook Artist Challenge – Day 1

Flower Pins
Flower Pins

I was nominated to participate in the 5 day art challenge on Facebook, by my friend Luz of Cocomocha Studios

Around 2006 I first started reclaiming sweaters into functional accessories.  I have made many types of flowers over the years here are a few.




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Day 5 – Necessity is the mother of invention

So creation – invention not sure where today falls!  I originally thought that I would be posting about the arm knitting that I have been doing, but in trying to take some photos of what I have made, I opened up a can of worms–How to take photos of scarves.  Of all the things I make it seems that I struggle most with photos of scarves.

I have a vintage mannequin which I tried to use today, but it wasn’t very successful.

IMG_7964_1 IMG_7950_1

So after freezing my fingers off taking photos outside and inside I am trying something new.

I decided to try a flat cardboard model of a head and shoulders that I can use to drape a scarf.

It was interesting finding out what dimensions to use.  I used 9″ as the head length and then the rest of the dimensions from this site.


So far I think I will like it, need to figure out how to hang it outside when taking pictures.  Not what was planned for today, but hopefully this will solve a long standing problem for me.

recycled cardboard mannequin







So this is the last day of my 5 day challenge to create something every morning.  I’m glad it’s over, the first two days I thoroughly enjoyed the process, by the third day I started to struggle with focus and staying on track.  But the biggest problem (??) is that even though I only intended for this to take up the mornings it really took much more time than that.

But overall I am thrilled to have repaired my car key, designed a new wreath, and worked on a new scarf mannequin, 3 out of 5 is not too bad!  And one unexpected pleasure was the blogging…..