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Down the Rabbit Hole….

Day 4 of my self-imposed challenge to do something new/creative each morning.

Pinch Penny Change Purse

I recently lost another change purse, that makes two in  less than a year.  So I decided to work on another change purse for myself but with a different design.

Several years ago I purchased this purse frame at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, so it seemed the right time to give it a whirl.

Sew in Purse Frame

I did a little bit of research to see what purses made this way should look like and thought that Bag’n-telle has some good instructions.

So my plunge down the rabbit hole started with material selection.  My first thought was felt, of course, then I explored suiting, then leather and even briefly considered some of the linen or cotton fabric I recently scored at Zero Landfill Chicago.  

Change Purse

So to make a long story short…

— I didn’t consult the instructions that I found

— I didn’t measure very accurately

— I didn’t measure and line up the leather I appliqued on top of the felt.


So after partially sewing in the frame I could see that it wasn’t going to fit.

I don’t usually give up (I did rip out my sewing three times) but do feel like I am headfirst down the rabbit hole and no bottom in sight!  If I decide to keep  plunging down this rabbit hole, I’ll let you know tomorrow.


Not needing another UFO, I used a magnetic snap to create an envelope top (so the change won’t fall out).  Not so bad.  I hope all the handmade things I lose find someone to love them!

change purse with magnetic snap



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Day 2: Creative Keys – Not what you think!

Broken Car KeyDay 2 of my creative challenge to myself. For five days I will indulge in a new creative endeavor each morning.

So 6 months ago, I almost lost my car key because it had a crack in the plastic top (where you put the key ring.) It flew off my key chain and sat on the street in front of my car for 2.5 hours. Thankfully a friend helped me find it that night and I resolved to fix my key.

The first time I repaired my key I used a piece of lightly felted Turquoise wool to cover the key. That repair lasted almost six months, but eventually the felt wore a little thin at the top. So I have been carrying my key around without a key ring for several months, just waiting to lose it again!

Day 2 Key Collage

So today’s repair is with leather. I bought an old leather coat a while back and have a small pile of scraps from another project.

  1. Make a pattern: I traced the key on a folded piece of leather, which turned out to be too small. So used that piece to make a larger piece.
  2. Cut out a small opening in the middle of the new cover to slip in the key.
  3. Whip stitch all around the key top including sewing in a split ring.

I did have to sew it twice as the first time I used a running stitch which looked horrible. Whip stitch — much better.

diy leather key chain strap or wristlet

Since I finished that rather quickly I decided to replace the strap for my key ring also.   So after carefully measuring the width of the hardware, I cut a piece of leather twice as wide, folded it in half and machine sewed.  The leather I chose was a little stretched out and was difficult to sew without ripples which you can see in the photos…

DIY Leather Key Fob and Key cover



Not the most creative of projects but I got a chance to work with leather and learn some new skills —  Not to mention peace of mind!