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Happy Earth Day

dryer balls from old wool yarn
dryer balls from old wool yarn

How are you celebrating Earth Day?  Are you doing something special?   Would love to hear about it !

Today in honor of Earth Day I am making dryer balls for the upcoming Earth Fest this Saturday in Oak Park.

I make dryer balls because I am committed to using up all the scrap material that I create.   This year I am making dryer balls from old wool yarn that someone donated to me several years ago.  The yarn had been sitting around for a long time even before I got it, so not in the best condition, but definitely okay for dryer balls.

Dryer Balls help your clothes dry faster and save energy.  My first choice is always hanging my clothing outside, but during the long cold winter dryer balls come in handy.

I will also be using some material that I received from ZeroLandFill to make lavender sachets!  Watch their video on upcycling

Looking for something good to do today for Earth Day?  Check out SCARCE and consider making a donation to them (I am not affiliated with them, but admire there efforts!)

Here’s to a healthy planet!


dryer balls from old wool yarn