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Yarn Con – Intro to making with wool sweaters

Sweater Hoarders

Saturday April 2, 2016 2PM to 2:50PM

You’ve been hoarding sweaters for a while and still haven’t started that first felting project.  Let me show you some of the things that I have made, types of sweaters I use, how I make felt and get you started on your stash.

pile of sweaters

See YarnCon for details and to register.

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Yarn Con Slipper Class – April 2nd


Slipper Class

Saturday April 2, 2016 12PM to 1:50PM

We will be cutting up a felted sweater to hand sew  simple slippers   Each participant will use one sweater to make a one-of-a-kind pair of slippers to fit their foot.

Green & Grey Slippers


See YarnCon for details and to register.


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Arm Knitting – Videos

Arm Knitting
Arm Knitting

I can’t seem to stop arm knitting!  It’s quick, easy and so satisfying to use nothing but your arms and some yarn to make something wearable in an hour or so.

I am excited to be teaching a class tomorrow at the Stephenson Country Fiber Fair on the subject.  So I decided to put together a little video on the subject.  This is my first attempt at making this type of video for instruction.

It’s not terrible for a first attempt, but lots of room for improvement.
Have a look  “Arm Knitting Videos.”

I made them as separate videos so that you can watch them when you need them.  I know that when I first started arm knitting, I had to watch several different videos until I found the ones that met my learning needs.  I watched several of them over and over, pausing frequently!
I will be putting together a step by step pictorial here on my blog and on pinterest, so stay tuned!

I went back and watched this video by Handimania and it is good (and pretty!)

Give it a try.

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Resolutions or Revolution?

pine0001It’s January 29th not New Year’s eve, but after a month of frustration I have a new resolution.

I resolve to make one upcycled object for the next 5 days. I have seen many of you take on projects like this for one month or even a year, but that seems way too big for me!

Why am I doing this? As a working fiber artist there is a delicate balance between making the things I want, versus making the things I might sell. It’s a constant struggle to balance these two desires.   I have so many ideas that I struggle to hold onto until I have time to spend on them. So for the next five days I plan on spending the morning working on something that I have wanted to do for a long time for whatever reason!

Day 1.
A long time ago, my aunt showed me how to make a wreath with pinecones.  So this new wreath design is based on that idea.
Simple, but I like it.

Red Pinecone Wreath


If you would like to make one, take a look at my upcoming workshops.


Wreath pattern


I haven’t written up instructions for my new design yet, but I do have two other designs available as a downloadable PDF.